What is Zain?

Zain is a Mobile Telecommunication Company in Saudi Arabia Headquarters in Riyadh, KSA. it is a business venture of Zain Group Started in Kuwait. They started services in Saudi Arabia way back in 2008.

How to Check zain Mobile Balance?
Zain KSA Check Balance: *142# or call 959
below are useful Codes / Services of Zain Mobile network in Saudi Arabia.
Zain KSA Customer Care Number : 959
Zain SA Check Balance: 142# or call 959
Check Internet Data in Zain : 
*405# or Call 959 or Send “BC” message to 700212
Recharge Zain Number :
*141*Recharge Coupon Number#
How to send Please call me a message to someone if you don’t have credit in your zain number?
*123*Mobile Number# (3 Free “Please Call Me” Messages per Day)
To Know How Many Zain Sim Cards are under your ID :
Send Blank Message to 700123
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How to Transfer Balance from to Other Zain Number?

Sender :
Send SMS to 702702 containing the message “BT Space Recipient Number Space Amount”
Example : BT 059XXXXXXX 20
Amount = Minimum: 10 SR, Maximum: 50 SR
Receiver :
Send an SMS to 702702 containing the message “id-ID Number”
Example: id 123456789

How to check your Zain Number / How to know your Zain Number in case you Forget?

Do you have Multiple Zain sims or they are mixed somehow with each other & you really don’t know which one is your Zain Number?

here is a simple method to check what is the number of Zain SIM cards you inserted into your Phone.

To check your Zain number, dial *144#, then tap the call button. You will get a popup message containing your Zain number.