Fintech apps in Pakistan are growing each day. Easypaisa was the pointer of this industry & then a line of Startups following Easypaisa to facilitate Money Transfer & target retailers.

Easy Paisa & Jazz cash are two Big companies when it comes to market share. Today we are going to learn How to Transfer Money from Easy Paisa to the Jazz cash account.

  1. Log in to Easy Paisay App & Click Money Transfer.

2. Go to Bank Money Transfer in Options & Click Bank Accounts.

3. After Bank Transfer Select Jazzcash from the list of Banks.

4. Fill All the Values e.g

  • Account or IBAN ( IBAN stands for International Banking Account Number).
  • Enter your JazzCash Number in First Line > if you have an IBAN Number you can enter that as well if you just enter Jazzcash Number it will be Okay as well.
  • Enter Receiver Mobile Number > Enter JazzCash mobile Number its the same as the above field.
  • Enter the amount that you want to transfer.
  • Select Reason/ Purpose of Transfer, you can select Family Support or business ( No issues here).
  • It’s free to transfer money to Bank accounts & Microfinance Apps. Click Next.
  • you will get a Confirmation Screen, the Name of the JazzCash account, the Number that you already enter & the amount to confirm to proceed. in case you made any mistake, you can revert back, if it’s all okay to complete your Transaction.
5. Press Send Now You it’s done. There is also a great feature of the Easy Paisa App that you can schedule your Transactions for Future Dates. For Example, if you need to pay anyone on every Monday 9 Am in the Morning you can Schedule a Transaction & Recipient will be paid a specific amount on Each Money 9 AM 😉
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