Hey, budgeteers, it’s tax time. And I can tell because I’m getting a lot of questions about how to file taxes. Today, I’m going to tell you about five great ways to file your taxes online. So stay tuned.

These aren’t really in any particular order. But I am going to start with the one that I use first. 


So I use TurboTax. And the reason why I use TurboTax is that I’ve been using it for many years now. And so they already have all of my information in their system and ready to populate for me. That way, I can just log in, click bring in my information from last year, and then I can move forward with all of the same information this year. 

It’s super convenient for me. And it costs about the same as any other tax preparation service that I see out there. So to be clear, this isn’t my number one choice by any means I have compared them to some of the others in this list by going out and actually filing my taxes with them in years past. And the numbers are very similar. There’s not a lot that’s different. 

h&r block

If you’ve ever used h&r block before or seen their advertisements, you know that they’re also a very big tax filing service, great company, they’ve done really well when I compare my tax return for h&r block versus my TurboTax tax filings, they come in very similarly. So I wouldn’t say that there’s really too much of a variance between the two, they’re very great services. 

Tax Act

The next one that you see on TV all the time is the Tax Act, Tax Act is a great place to go. Because they also have a pretty big database and a way of keeping your taxes in order and getting you to the right return. They’re a very well known brand and someone that you can trust. 


They’re a little bit smaller of a company, but they definitely have some good credibility behind them. They have a lot of good reviews, and I haven’t used them myself. But I’ve looked at their services. And I’ve gone through a little bit of their software, and it looks very similar to anything else that you’re going to find out there. 

Liberty Tax

If you’ve ever seen the statue or the person dresses, the statue standing out on the side of the road, you found Liberty tax, I see them all over my town, they’re out there ready to help. And they’re a really good service compared to what I know they are one of those services that I’ve never used before but I know that they have a great way to go into their branch if you need to talk to someone or you can file right online. 

Now one thing to note is that all tax places will claim that you can file for zero dollars and you can file both federal and state and they’ll make all these claims at your zero-dollar level. That’s great for some people, but what makes it go higher than zero dollars why sometimes you have to pay for your tax filings even though it says zero dollars.