The rise of FinTech and online banking has transformed cash management as we know it. Today, you can handle your cash flow almost entirely online or through mobile apps. 

In light of this, we’re counting down the top 10 Digital banks of the UK to consider in 2021 revolutionizing our spending, 


#10 tide


the tide comes with absolutely no fees on payment cards within the UK or abroad. It also offers free transfers between tide accounts, and you can tie up to 35 team members to a single business card. 


  • include instant invoicing, 
  • integration, 
  • various useful tools such as free agents, 
  • ability to set up automated and scheduled payments. 


#9 BunQ 

BunQ is what makes fun especially as it’s helping the environment one transaction at a time, while also helping you budget better. Every time you spend the company will plant trees enabling you to make a difference but their effort. BunQ also introduced its green card to help you create a greener world.


#8 Crypterium


Crypterium challenges bank allows you to store and manage traditional money and cryptocurrencies, as well as convert your digital currencies into fiat money through its website.
It also comes with a global cryptocurrency card, meaning you can use your currencies and car payments around the world. As of yet no digital banking brand can deliver the same service.



UK-based digital bank company atom bank has retained its focus on just this region rather than going global atom offering is designed to make managing your cash simple through auto-saving and spending roundup features to help you put away. Users can also take advantage of their flexible loans, saving accounts, and even more. Savings, Mortgages, and Business Loans. Discover app-based banking and top-rated customer service. The UK’s #1 rated bank on Trustpilot.


Anna is a digital banking platform specifically designed for small business owners. Owners of sole trader companies, limited businesses, or partnerships can make use of the app’s features including VAT information, corporation tax, self-assessment, tax return deadlines, and everything tools is also automatically saved to see and comes with 24 seven access supports from a team of agents


#5  Monese

Rather than being a bank Monese is claimed to be a specialist solution for companies that want to manage multi-currency accounts. With it you can take advantage of unlimited transactions, quick bank transfers, global ATM withdrawal, and support in 10 languages festival the app uses back-end encryption and biometric unlock features to keep your money safe. 


#4 Mettle

Although Mettle is a technology, part of NatWest, it’s an independent arm of the brand limited companies and sole traders but less than 100,000 pounds can apply. These can use Mettle to track business accounts and send invoices directly from the device. 

You can also add your logo to invoices and chase those which are overdue. 


#3 Sterling Bank

Starling Bank offers a comprehensive current account for customers to complete real-time notifications whenever they use their debit card. What’s more, it also offers spending insights and saving goals and it’s free on cash withdrawals or spending abroad. Better still, you could earn small amounts of interest with it too. 


#2 Revolut 

Revolut is a digital banking company with a global presence serving more than 30 countries and 6 million customers. It offers spending support and push notifications as well as purchase roundups and the option to change investment accounts. Furthermore, you can use it to access cryptocurrency and commission-free stock trading as a premium customer.

#1 Monzo

available in the UK and US Monzo concentrates on fairness and transparency within banking. You can use it to split bills, set up instant transactions, and get more control over your cash. You will also be given a contactless card that’s fee-free for payments in the UK. There’s also in-app chat support if you ever have any problems.