So before getting started on the list, I thought I’d address the term expat. It does not mean that you do not love your country or something like that. It’s simply a term used to describe people who live outside of their native country. 

So for example, An American living in Brazi is an expat. I guess by that definition, even soldiers who have been stationed abroad are also ex-pats. So without further delays on my first item, it’s not boring. It’s not pouring.


I’m guessing that a lot of you’re bored. Yes, life at home can get very, very boring. You go to work, you come home, you watch TV, you watch you eat a microwave dinner. And then you go to sleep. And the next day, you do it all over again. 


Until one day you say, I’ve had it, if I have to eat one more hungry man TV dinner, then I’m just going to end it right here. Well, I have a solution to your problems, move abroad to become an expert.

Reinvent your self 

your life will no longer be boring. In fact, you may find that everything is so different that it’s like starting an entirely brand new life. Everything is new, nothing is routine. 


you should become an expert. It gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself, a new and different you. Perhaps one day you wake up and you realize to yourself, my life has not gone the way that I had hoped it would go, you’re stuck in a dead-end job, you’re in a career that is not satisfying. 


Now you’re just bored. Like we said, with the first one with your daily routine, well become an Expat and move abroad, because it gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself. Maybe you look in the mirror, and you just don’t like who you are, which you should never dislike anymore. But anyway, besides that, moving abroad gives you a chance to reinvent yourself moving abroad, you’re leaving behind everyone, you know, everyone who knows your history your past. So you can start fresh. 


If you want to be a more outspoken person, if you want to be more exciting, just have a different kind of life. Well, it’s the perfect way to start because there’s nobody holding you back. Nobody, you know, none of the same old routines completely new. And that means that you can have a completely new youth. 


Reveal different perspectives of Life 

2nd reason that you should become an expert in new ways of thinking. So before moving abroad, the only way that I knew was the American way. And of course, being a good American, I thought that it was the best way or the only way. And then I came to China. And in some ways, I believe I was some, in some cases, the ways that you know from back home are going to be the best for you.

But I learned that it wasn’t the only way. And it wasn’t always the best way. Sometimes the way that other people do things is better for different situations. And that’s something that you’ll pick up as you come abroad. And it’ll help you out in your life to get through problems that you might otherwise have been stuck on. Yes, new perspectives that you otherwise would never have known. 


Find the love of Life / build new Relationships 

The 3rd reason to become an expert love. Yes, maybe you’re in a relationship that’s come to an end, maybe you’ve been in many relationships that have come to an end, maybe you’re having trouble getting a single relationship started. Maybe you think well, I’m boring. I’m just like everybody else. [the_ad id=”3696″]

I’m just an everyday man or woman. Well, guess what, if you come abroad, you will no longer be like everybody else, you will become exotic instantly. So even if you aren’t the most attractive person in the world, you will have that going for you, you will instantly be exotic and different from everybody else around you. And that will instantly cause some people to be attracted to you making it easier to start a relationship and therefore to find love. 


Now I say it all half-jokingly But seriously, if you’re having trouble finding love, or you’re just not finding anything, maybe the right person just isn’t in your home country. Maybe there’s somewhere out there. So give it a shot, become an expat. 


Variety of Foods to taste


So the 4th reason that you should become an expat is different types of food to try other than routine stuff you have in your home county. Have you ever been watching the Bizarre Foods guy and thought to yourself, Hey, that looks pretty good? Well, actually, probably not. 


That’s probably a bad example. But there are so many different kinds of food out there so many cuisines that you’ll find absolutely amazing. And one of my favorites here is laundry Olam yet I find now that when I go back to the States, I miss it. I can’t find it anywhere. 


Food is such an amazing way to experience a culture. There are so many different flavors that you’ll never be able to find in a restaurant back home that you can only find while you’re out there. To become an Expat so you can try all those different foods. 

So the sixth reason that you should become an Expat story.


Business & job Opportunities 


you just graduated from college, maybe you’ve been graduated, you’ve got a four year degree and you’re looking at your prospect and you suddenly realize that just to work in a call center, you have to have a four-year degree and you’re looking at the opportunities and just seeing that they’re just not there. Maybe you chose the wrong, the wrong major. For whatever reason, you’re looking around at the opportunities where you’re from, and you’re just not seeing anything there 


I have the solution, you can move abroad to become an expat just because things are not looking so great. where you’re at doesn’t mean that it’s that way everywhere in the world. And so many times a generic four-year degree of any kind can get you into a decent paying job in a country overseas.


With all of these great experiences, we’ve been talking about so far. Maybe your interest is in debt and a career maybe you want to start a business and you’re looking at the situation back home and seeing that it’s too expensive or just too difficult to get started your opportunity to get started with business maybe abroad. 


In many countries abroad, it requires significantly less capital to get started and there’s significantly less red tape so why not come abroad become an expat, and get started? Get your experience before earning enough money to go back home and open up another business. Yes, becoming an expat may be just what you need to get started. 


Libration / New Norms


If you’re like me, you might not even realize just how restrictive your life at home actually is. It can be really difficult living in that mold. But when you move abroad and you become an expat, suddenly the mold no longer exists, you’re no longer constrained by the same old societal expectations. 


Because you’re different. You’re no longer around anyone that you know, you’re no longer around any expectations. Like I said, You’re free to be whatever you want, you’re free to be yourself to do what you want.

Yeah, this goes right along with what I was talking about with reinventing yourself, you’re free to do that you’re liberated, nobody is going to be judging you in the same way that they have been. 


Because as I mentioned, you’re already different. You’re an outsider, so you’re not judged by the same standards even in the society that you’re living in because they expect you to be different. To become an expert and experienced that liberation for yourself.